Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation
6324 Taylor Drive
Flint, MI 48507

Maryland NMLS# 932674

Reporting Capabilities

We provide our clients with comprehensive reports as frequently as desired. Most clients are set-up to receive reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. We also have the ability to create custom/ad-hoc reports to better track the performance of your accounts for no additional fee.


To ensure we remain 100% compliant with all laws and regulations, MMCC has developed policies, procedures, and specific work instructions covering all elements of our recovery process. We also undergo numerous annual audits, network scans, and penetration tests which are conducted by independent auditors.

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Quality Control

MMCC adheres to the highest ethical standards and demands the best conduct from all of our employees. We have a dedicated QA department and use multiple layers of accountability and risk management across all departments. MMCC management consistently monitors and evaluates employee calls, actions, decisions, and general performance of their assigned duties to reinforce their commitment to integrity and ethical behavior, and to confirm the appropriate account resolution has taken place. Our team members have been extensively trained to ensure the highest quality interactions with consumers.